Block of the Month Club: Round 2 Exhibit at The National Quilt Museum

PADUCAH - Block of the Month Club: Round 2 Exhibit at The National Quilt Museum can be viewed daily through January 31.

Each month quilters are challenged to experiment with new techniques and styles while having fun connecting with quilters from all over the world.

This exhibition showcases the quilts made by members of The National Quilt Museum’s Block of the Month Club. It includes 10 quilts chosen from Round 2 participants, along with the Museum quilt, which were picked for their interpretations of the block themes, creativity in layout and general workmanship. Quilts will be returned after the close of the exhibit.

If you are interested in joining the National Quilt Museum's Block of the Month Club, you can find more information through their Facebook group or on their website or call 270-442-8856. 

General Adult Admission $12; Guided Tour Admission $16; Seniors (62 and older) $11; Students $5; Under 12 free with adult.

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Published 12:00 AM, Thursday Dec. 31, 2020
Updated 07:00 AM, Thursday Dec. 31, 2020


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