Christmas Open House at Whitehaven Welcome Center

PADUCAH - The historical Whitehaven Welcome Center will host its annual Christmas Open House on December 15 from 1-6 pm.

Local garden clubs have "decked the halls" and light refreshments will be served by local businesses. Paducah Ambassadors will also be on hand along with some special guests:

Scrooge (Roy Hensel) and Charles Dickens (Bill Baxter) from "A Christmas Carol"

From 1-3 pm, Blewett Music Studio will provide stringed Christmas music

From 4-6 pm, Santa Claus and an elf will have a gift for each child, and Michael Vessels will be in the music room playing his stringed psaltery

Whitehaven is near the intersection of Lone Oak Road and Interstate 24, and is also accessible from Jack Paxton Drive. 

Published 12:00 AM, Friday Nov. 16, 2018
Updated 03:54 PM, Friday Nov. 16, 2018


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