Evenings Upstairs Series at McLib: CCC in Southern IL & Western KY

PADUCAH - The Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern IL and Western KY will be the subject of the Evenings Upstairs Series at the McCracken County Public Library on Thursday, Aug. 16 from 7 - 8 pm.

The evening's topic is presented by Kay Rippelmeyer, author of Giant City State Park and the Civilian Conservation Corps and The Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern Illinois. It will be an inspiring presentation including many personal tales of deprivation, hard work, and of hope.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was the beginning of the environmental movement in the country, as conservation measures were taught to all the enrollees and taken home with them. It was a radical experiment and the least criticized of all FDR's New Deal programs.

This program will illustrate the CCC camps, their physical and organizational structure, work projects, sports and educational programs, from 1933-1942. CCC camps were located in many small towns of every state, including  southern  Illinois and western Kentucky. The CCC was one of the government's most popular programs and was a life saver for many families during the Depression.

Kay Rippelmeyer received a Bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois in English Education, Master’s degree in Literature at Southern Illinois University and PhD in American Culture. At SIU Carbondale, Rippelmeyer worked at Special Collections in Morris Library and at the University Museum, researching and writing about southern Illinois history and directing several grant programs She also worked as a private consultant and researcher for the Illinois State Museum, the Nature Conservancy, the Department of Natural Resources, the Dixon Springs Agriculture Center and the Barkhausen Wetlands Center. 

Rippelmeyer retired from SIU in 2008 to finish two books she had been researching since 1987. The first published in 2010 was Giant City State Park and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Her second book, The Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern Illinois, published in February 2015, received the superior achievement award for scholarship from the Illinois State Historical Society in 2016. She currently serves as program liaison for the Illinois Humanities Council. 
All programs are free and open to the public. 

For more information, contact Bobbie Wrinkle Tel: 270-442-2510 ext. 119 Email: bwrinkle@mclib.net

Published 01:15 PM, Saturday Aug. 04, 2018
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