"I Heart Presidents Day" event at Robert Cherry Civic Center

The city of Paducah's fifth annual "I Heart Presidents Day" is Saturday, February 8 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Robert Cherry Civic Center.

Kids and families can attend the free event at any time during that three-hour time period, and snacks and gift bags will be given away while supplies last. 

"I Heart Presidents Day" is hosted by Paducah Parks & Recreation, the Paducah Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Captain Virgil McCracken Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution.

Recreation Specialist Taylor Morsching says, “I Heart Presidents Day is an educational event that reminds us of our great American culture. The presidential-themed activities are fun for the entire family. This year’s event will have a variety of activities and crafts that will spark interesting conversations of our nation’s past and present.”  

Kids of all ages will have the opportunity to make crafts while learning about different presidents and early American culture. Specific activities include writing a letter to the President, taking a presidential portrait in costume, crafting a tricorn or mob cap, story time with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, making an Abe Lincoln log cabin, presidential ornaments, and coloring. 

Presidents Day, also called Washington’s Birthday, is officially celebrated the third Monday of February. 

For more information about I Heart Presidents Day and other Paducah Parks & Recreation activities, visit www.paducahky.gov/parks-recreation-department,  call 270-444-8508, or visit the Parks & Recreation office located at 1400 H.C. Mathis Drive.

Published 12:00 AM, Friday Feb. 07, 2020
Updated 05:50 AM, Friday Feb. 14, 2020


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