Lower Town Arts & Music Festival Oct. 2-3

PADUCAH -  Lower Town Arts and Music Festival organizers are planning postponed spring festivities for the first weekend of October.

After communicating with the various artists and musicians that participate in the festival, and with guidance from the City of Paducah, the festival will now take place October 2-3.

The following musicians will be attending, with more to be announced soon: Scythian, Cicada Rhythm, S.G. Goodman, Joslyn & the Sweet Compression, GRLwood, The Wheelers, Melanie A. Davis, and Luke Taylor.

West Kentucky Star spoke with Yeiser Art Center Executive Director, Lexie Millikan, about the festival. Millikan says that although the dates for the festival have been announced, it could still change.

"We're going to follow whatever guidelines we have to from the city and state." Millikan continued, "If we are able to have a festival later this year, that is when we will have it, but also because it's so far out, there are a lot of unknowns and it could change."

She is optimistic however, and is glad the City has been supportive of the move. 

According to Millikan, if the festival does happen in October, attendees should expect a smaller event.

"No matter what, even if we didn't have any guidelines to follow, we would still be planning a scaled back festival, because it's not as if every single one of our participating artists, musicians, and vendors are able to agree to the new date," She said, "So as far as the size of the festival, it's going to have to be smaller no matter what."

Millikan is encouraging everyone to support arts organizations, artists, and musicians during this time of uncertainty.

"There are a lot of people that are going through a lot of difficult things right now. We just hope that the people that are still able to support the arts are doing that, because that's the biggest thing right now for us," she said.

Additional information can be found on the festival's Facebook page and website at the link below.


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Published 06:20 PM, Monday May. 18, 2020
Updated 07:20 PM, Monday May. 18, 2020


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