Spring Rally for Project Diehard- Motorcycles, Car, Jeep Clubs Welcome

PADUCAH- Project Diehard is hosting a Spring Rally for motorcycles and vehicles on May 4th. 

The event is from 8 am to 4pm and starts at the Expressway Car Wash on Irvin Cobb Drive. Registration starts at 8 am. The first vehicles will leave at 9 am. All vehicles will leave by 11 am. 

Motorcyclists, cars, Jeep clubs, veteran's groups, and churches are welcome to participate. The cost is $15 per vehicle, which includes a meal and a number chip draw hand. Those who don't want to play can pay $10 for the meal. Various prizes will be given away.

Food is provided by Deadmans BBQ, and includes pulled pork, chips, and a drink.

For more information, contact Brian Gibson at 270-366-6189.

Published 12:00 AM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2019
Updated 05:48 PM, Wednesday Apr. 24, 2019


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