Virtual Flower Show Accepts Entries "Finding Beauty in a Pandemic"

PADUCAH - One of the many events disrupted by coronavirus was the McCracken County Fair which traditionally occurs the last full week of June.  When the fair was cancelled, so was the annual flower show sponsored by McCracken County Extension Master Gardeners, Open Gate Garden Club, Perennial Gardeners Garden Club and Homemaker’s Garden Club.  Staged in Floral Hall, the show has greeted fairgoers since 1998.
To keep the show alive and give area floral designers an opportunity to compete, Master Gardeners created a virtual flower show titled “COVID-19 Finding Beauty in a Pandemic.”  Each class pays tribute to a catchphrase made popular by the pandemic.  Digital entries are being accepted through July 25.  Participation is open to residents of McCracken, Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, Graves, Livingston, Lyon, Marshall and Calloway Counties.  No money premiums will be given, but ribbons will be awarded when merited and photos of winning designs will be posted on the McCracken County Cooperative Extension website.
“Gardens and lawns have been lush this year thanks to plentiful spring rains and stay at home orders giving folks time and opportunity to work outdoors.  This virtual show gives us a new way to view Covid-19 and showcase the beauty resulting from time sequestered at home.  It’s the ultimate adventure in making lemonade out of lemons,” said Carol Ullerich, Show Chair.
Competition in 2020 is limited to designs in seven Adult classes and a Youth competition.  Adult classes are:   Vacant Streets (angular design); Together Apart (stretch design); Flattening the Curve (cascade design); Green Light (design of any type using all green plant material); The Front Line (creative design with see-through elements); Empty Shelves (design of any type using only non-flowering horticulture); and, Dining In (tray for one). 
The Youth competition (open to Kindergarteners through Age 18) is titled Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI), something with which area children became very familiar when going to school was abruptly cancelled.  The Youth competition calls for a design of any type reminding the exhibitor of the 2019-2020 school year.  Youth entries will be divided into four classes based on age of entrants.
The show will be judged by accredited National Garden Club judges.  Digital photos of each design (showing front, left and right poses, plus a photo showing the design’s size using yardsticks and/or grid) must be submitted with interactive entry form to  Show schedule available at

Published 10:10 AM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020
Updated 10:15 AM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020


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