WKCTC to Help Students Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

PADUCAH - West Kentucky Community & Technical College will be hosting an event to help students apply for financial aid and scholarships.

On February 25 from 4-7 pm, WKCTC will host a FAFSA and Scholarship Night at the Emerging Technology Center in room 109.

"Our focus is to provide our current students and prospective students with the help they need fill out their FAFSA and scholarship applications for WKCTC," said Emily Peck, vice president of student services. "We want them to understand there are financial options available, and we can walk them through the steps to apply for assistance toward their education."

In an effort to maintain social distancing requirements, students will be required to sign up for the event in advance at the link below. There will be a maximum of 15 individuals in 30 minute blocks. Masks will be required.

Scholarship opportunities include the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, a program that offers free tuition up to 60 credit hours for Kentuckians in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, construction/trades, IT/business, and logistics. Students are able to earn certificates in these fields in four months or less.

The deadline for 2021-2022 WKCTC scholarships is March 1. 

Anyone that is unable to attend can have their names added to a waiting list for future events.

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Published 08:00 PM, Sunday Feb. 21, 2021
Updated 08:20 PM, Sunday Feb. 21, 2021


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