Lighted Dogwood Trail Winners Chosen
By Ro Morse, WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings, Civic Beautification Board members drove Paducah's 55th Annual Dogwood Trail. Their challenging job was to determine which lawns had the most beautifully lighted trees. Recent winners were not eligible to win again this year. Both on and off the trail winners were decided, plus, for the first time, the most beautiful door was chosen for recognition. Signs were placed in the winners' yards Wednesday for all to see. Tonight the trollies will tour parts of the trail and the public is invited to come along for the ride. A $1 donation is requested. 

Awards will be presented on Thursday, May 2nd during an unveiling ceremony, reception and tour of the newly renovated and restored City Hall. The ceremony will take place at 4 pm at City Hall. Winners of the Dogwood Trail Art and Photography Contest, coordinated by the Paducah School of Art, will be recognized and their art and photography will be on display during the event. 

These are the 2019 55th Annual Dogwood Trail Winners: 

Dorothy Freeman - 4000 Buckner Lane
Susan Tharp - 2300 Jefferson
Ashley and Tommy Jones - 1753 Jefferson
Steve and Julie DuPerrieu - 4756 Buckner Lane
Jim and Linda Gould - 145 Red Fox Trail
Mark and Christy Meisenheimer - 925 Friedman Lane
Ann and Brian Boyd - 144 Valley Road
Lisa and Lindy Suiter - 216 Wallace Lane

Mary Lee Evers - 2823 Washington Street
Marcia and Zack McMillan - 135 Vine Street
David and Phylis Stodler - 101 Country Club
John Park - 3426 Forest Circle

Sandy Miles - 2824 Washington Street

CBB members commented, "It takes a lot of time and community spirit to spot light your lawn and take the lights in and out to mow during the annual trail. Paducah appreciates the efforts of hundreds in our community who make the lighted dogwood trail possible. Sincere thanks for the effort and willingness of all on and off the trail who choose to participate and show off our beautiful city. Without your commitment to this annual spring project, the Paducah Dogwood Trail would not be possible. Thank you."

Tonight (Thursday, April 18th) the community is invited to board trollies and tour selected portions of the Dogwood Trail. A $1 per person donation is requested. The trollies will begin boarding at 6:30 pm in front of Paducah Area Transit System, 9th and Harrison Street. If plans change, due to inclement weather, WestKyStar will let you know.  

Published 04:30 AM, Thursday Apr. 18, 2019
Updated 05:45 AM, Friday Apr. 19, 2019

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