Graves Health Dept. Requires Masks in Any Business
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - The Graves County Health Department has declared that masks are required at any public business until further notice.

The notice says that any employee or customer at any public business must be wearing a mask. 

The document cites previous emergency declarations from President Trump to Governor Beshear to the local mayor and county judge-executive.

Since cases have increased across western Kentucky recently, the mandate went into effect immediately. 

Health Department director Noel Coplen said, "It is in the best interest of the county's economic stability to keep businesses open." He also states, "a properly covered mouth and nose is known to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus and will provide protection to the residents of Mayfield and Graves County, working and shopping inside our retail establishments." 

The statement says that the health department, along with city and county governments, are willing to supply masks and hand sanitizer to any businesses as needed. 

The mandate is in effect until cancelled by another statement, or when the state of emergency ends. 

Published 03:07 PM, Monday Nov. 23, 2020
Updated 06:31 AM, Tuesday Nov. 24, 2020



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