Bulk Mailing to Voters Not from County Clerks
By Bill Hughes
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Some western Kentucky voters have been confused by an item they have recently received in the mail.

County Clerks have been getting phone calls asking if they mailed letters about voter registration, and some people have been double-checking to make sure they are still registered. 

McCracken County Clerk Julie Griggs told West Kentucky Star her office has received over 100 calls because of a bulk mailing. The items are addressed to "Current Resident" and have a return address of Frankfort, Kentucky, but were apparently sent by an organization in Washington, D.C. The cards indicate that, "someone at this address may not be registered to vote."

Griggs said, "That's what's very disturbing about it, is that they sent these out and it says, 'current resident.' How can you be telling people that they're not registered to vote if you don't even know who you're sending it to?"

She said her office has checked for callers, and every one of them has been a registered voter.

Griggs said, "It's caused a lot of unnecessary confusion for the voters. Most everybody said, 'I just voted in the primary,' so they know they're registered." 

She said she checked with the state board of elections, and it appears the "Center for Voter Information" bought a list of addresses and has mailed the cards to everyone. 

Marshall County Clerk Tim York said his office has gotten, "a ton of calls."

York said, "They're sending out letters thinking they're doing good. All they're doing is confusing people. I don't know that we've registered a single person to vote because of their efforts. All we've done is answer questions and tell people, 'yes, you're already registered to vote,' and, 'no, we didn't have anything to do with mailing that out.'"

Voters can always go to the website to verify their voter registration. While they are there, they can also request a mail-in ballot for November, just like voters did in the June primary. 

York and Griggs said the ballots are being printed and they should have them some time next week. They will immediately begin mailing them to voters who have requested them online or by phone. 

York said his office has gotten about 1,200 requests for ballots. 

Griggs said her office has received a little over 4,000 ballot requests, but she expects to get fewer requests than the primary because the county will have 11 polling places open on November 3. 

Griggs said she received approval for those locations on Thursday and will be providing that list early next week. 

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Published 07:19 PM, Friday Sep. 11, 2020
Updated 06:47 PM, Saturday Sep. 12, 2020



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