Charities Gearing Up for 'Barbecue Off the River'
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - While COVID-19 has prevented thousands of people from congregating on the smoke-filled streets of downtown Paducah later this month, there will still be an opportunity to get some of the tasty meats and treats while helping local charities. 

Barbecue on the River President and Co-Founder Susie Coiner told West Kentucky Star that although the rules have changed this year, the mission is still to cook the best barbecue in the world while raising money for charities. The event is September 24-26. 

She said, "We put our heads together we met and we thought, 'safety first - how can we do this and have everybody accomplish their mission?' So, we decided to take a play book out of the Bourbon Trail and make it a barbecue trail." 

Satellite barbecue vendors will be set up at locations all over town, and all of them will still be pairing up with charities. She gave several examples, but said more vendors are expected. 

Coiner said, "Family Service Society is going to have a vendor selling one of my favorite things - ribbon fries - homemade corn dogs, sausage and onions, and lemon shake-ups. They will be on the Family Service Society lot, and will have other activities going on to help them raise money."

She said Buzzard Brothers will be in three locations in Paducah - Kirchoff's Bakery on Marine Way, Paducah Nissan on Park Avenue, and the Lone Oak baseball/softball fields on Denver Avenue. 

The Kiwanis Club has published their menu on Facebook. They are offering delivery on Thursday and Friday, and orders may be picked up at Soirées Events and Catering on Irvin Cobb Drive on all three days. They are offering pulled pork by the pound, sandwiches, chicken, ribs, BBQ nachos and BBQ mac and cheese. 

Coiner said Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church will be offering key lime pie on a stick, with drive-through service at their church on Lovelaceville Road.  

The "Bear on the Air" will be cooking barbecue and funnel cakes, and will be offering drive-through or pickup service at Little Castle Restaurant on Lone Oak Road. 

Coiner said the website will be listing the vendors and their locations starting Tuesday, September 8 (see link below).

She asked everyone to exercise patience this year, since, "nobody has done it this way before."

Coiner thanked the event's sponsors and everyone who is participating for their desire to continue the community charitable event. She also suggested that if someone's favorite charity isn't cooking, they should still make a donation on the last weekend of September, because the event is usually a major part of annual fundraising for many organizations. 

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Published 07:14 PM, Wednesday Sep. 02, 2020
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