City Presents Proposed Riverboat Landing Design
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - At the Tuesday meeting of the Paducah Board of Commissioners, City Engineer Rick Murphy presented several concept drawings for a new riverboat landing facility.

Murphy showed several concept drawings at the meeting, which showed the riverboat landing facility running parallel to the riverfront.

He also presented artistic design concepts for two concrete foundations located along the riverfront. Those structure are remnants of a conveyor system to offload materials from barges.

The facility would be funded by the BUILD grant, which stands for Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development. Funds for the grant were awarded based on criteria which gave special consideration to projects that emphasize improved transportation access for rural areas.

The City's application included building a riverboat excursion pier and plaza, and they learned last November that the City of Paducah would be receiving $10.4 million in BUILD funds.

More information about the grant and concept drawings can be found at the links below.

On the Net:

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Published 10:50 PM, Tuesday Oct. 13, 2020
Updated 05:57 PM, Wednesday Oct. 14, 2020



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