Commission Terminates Aquatic Center Agreement
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - During Tuesday's City Commission meeting, commissioners terminated a design agreement for the proposed Indoor Recreation and Aquatic Center.

Commissioners unanimously approved a municipal order to terminate the design and construction management agreement with Lose and Associates, Inc. 

Each member agreed that now is not the best timing for the project.

Mayor George Bray and Commissioner Sandra Wilson both briefly discussed the possibility of a YMCA facility opening in Paducah.

Bray said, "I think there is an opportunity in the future to work with the Y. I have been on a couple of calls with them myself already."

Regarding the Aquatic Center and other future projects, Bray said things would have to be different.

"The financial structure of any project going forward would have to be totally re-thought," Bray continued. "We would need to engage community partners up front and make sure that we have the right people with skin in the game."

Although he doesn't feel the timing is right, Bray thanked everyone in the community that has contributed to the project. 

In other action, commissioners approved an emergency ordinance that waives 2021 renewal fees that would be due on January 31 for certain alcohol license types. Officials say there are 108 businesses in Paducah that will benefit from the renewal waiver.

Bray said, "Restaurants are an important part of our economy.  That segment of our economy has been affected greatly, much more than other segments of the economy, with the pandemic.  From my standpoint, this is a recognition of a) what those businesses have gone through and b) how important they are to our economy and the fabric of Paducah."

For a full list of alcohol license types that are not being waived, visit the link below.

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Waiver of Fees for Certain License Types

Published 09:00 PM, Tuesday Jan. 12, 2021
Updated 04:06 PM, Wednesday Jan. 13, 2021



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