Family Service Society Gets $10,000 Donation
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - A Paducah non-profit organization has received a $10,000 donation from the charitable arm of two national insurance companies. 

In a press release, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance announced the gift to Family Service Society, after they were nominated by local insurance company Peel & Holland. The donation is part of an Emergency Community Support Grant to help independent agents give back to their local community during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our team has recognized the hard work and dedication performed by Family Service Society during this pandemic and we are incredibly thankful for Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance for stepping up to the plate and providing extra funds to help the community when we need it most,” said Roy Riley, President, with Peel & Holland. “Family Service Society has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and the $10,000 donation will help them continue to make a difference to the community they serve.”

As the need is great, Family Service Society will use the $10,000 to further stretch their programs, primarily focusing on food assistance, utility payment assistance, and rental payment assistance for those affected by COVID-19.

Peel and Holland, Liberty Mutual, and Safeco Insurance encourage everyone to get involved and give back to Family Service Society through volunteering, monetary support and by donating items that aid and support their programs. Those include food, personal care items, and cleaning supplies. 

However, the most important thing the community can do to help is by connecting Family Service Society with members of the community who might be in need. For more information, visit For more information on Peel and Holland Insurance, visit their website

Published 02:46 PM, Thursday May. 21, 2020
Updated 06:35 AM, Friday May. 22, 2020



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