Firefighters, Domino's Team Up for Safe Homes
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Reidland-Farley firefighters are teaming up with Domino's Pizza again to make deliveries and check smoke detectors.

While the Southside Domino's employees are delivering the pizzas to customers, firefighters will be making sure their homes have smoke detectors or fresh batteries.

The two organizations teamed up last year, and gave away pizzas to customers whose homes had functional smoke detectors. If they didn't, the firefighters gave them a free smoke detector. They were successful last year and are teaming up to do it again.

Firefighters will be accompanying drivers Monday through Thursday between 5-8 pm.

Domino's is located at 3831 Clarks River Road, and their phone number for deliveries is 444-0080.

Published 01:05 PM, Saturday Oct. 06, 2012
Updated 01:09 PM, Saturday Oct. 06, 2012

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