Fiscal Court to Sell Trucks Bought by Jail
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - At the McCracken Fiscal Court meeting on Monday, commissioners discussed the possible sale of vehicles that were recently purchased by Jailer David Knight. 

Two Dodge Ram trucks were purchased earlier this year without the court's financial help, with Knight saying he used jail commissary funds. He said the trucks would be used to transport inmates to doctor visits, work or vocational programs, but commissioners questioned if it was proper use of money from the fund.

While incarcerated, inmates have a trust account for money they earn, and family members or friends can deposit money for them. The commissary fund grows when inmates make purchases. 

The fiscal court has not allowed the trucks to be licensed, and Knight now wants to sell them as surplus property. They could be sold to another government entity directly, or they could be placed up for bids. Commissioners discussed those options, but also discussed whether the proceeds from the sale could be put into the county's general fund, or if should go back into the commissary fund. 

Commissioner Bill Bartleman told West Kentucky Star he believes the money must go back to the financial source. 

Bartleman said, "I'm not sure about what the rules are on the commissary fund, but I think we have to put it back in the commissary fund, and I think there was agreement - at least informally - that's what we'll do with the money."

A resolution was passed unanimously to declare the trucks surplus property so they can be sold. County Attorney Sam Clymer said he will check into the rules for the commissary fund, and the court will also check into what is necessary to advertise and put the trucks up for bid, if they choose to sell them that way. 

Published 08:37 PM, Monday Oct. 12, 2020
Updated 06:27 PM, Tuesday Oct. 13, 2020



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