Guess, Gault Test Positive For COVID-19
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Two Paducah city commissioners-elect said they have tested positive for COVID-19.

David Guess told West Kentucky Star Wednesday morning he took a rapid antigen test last Friday, which came back positive. He said his wife and father have also tested positive for the virus.

"I've had spikes in fever a couple times. I've got a headache, just don't feel good, no appetite," he said.

Guess said although he feels pretty bad, he hasn't yet experienced any symptoms severe enough to require a trip to the hospital. 

Carol Gault said she started having symptoms that she thought were allergies or maybe an oncoming migraine headache, but they progressed to a fever, fatigue and constant headache. By the time she got her test results, she had lost her senses of taste and smell.

She said this illness has been "different than anything I have ever experienced before. I want to assure you, friends, it is a very real illness. Please be so very cautious."

Gault has no idea how she was exposed, because she says she has been very cautious and has been in contact with only a very small circle of friends and family since the pandemic began.

Guess and Gault are set to be sworn in as two of Paducah's new commissioners in January. The other commissioner-elect, Raynarldo Henderson, told West Kentucky Star he and his wife have tested negative and are doing fine. Re-elected commissioner Sandra Wilson says she has had no symptoms and has not been tested. 

Paducah mayor-elect George Bray released a statement Tuesday saying his wife and her family had also tested positive for the virus, and he is currently waiting on his own test results. 

Published 12:10 PM, Wednesday Nov. 18, 2020
Updated 08:24 PM, Wednesday Nov. 18, 2020



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