Incident at McCracken Home Was Not a Shooting
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - Authorities have released more information about a reported shooting incident early Monday morning at a McCracken County home.

West Kentucky Star reported early Monday morning about a possible shooting at the home on Olivet Church Road. We later spoke with Sheriff Matt Carter, who gave us additional details about the incident.

Carter said deputies and Paducah Police officers responded at around 4:30 a.m. to a report of a shooting at a home in the 2100 block of Olivet Church Road. He said a man told deputies he had shot an intruder in his home. Deputies arrived to find the man was actually home alone, and no one had been shot.

Carter said it turns out the man was suffering from a mental health crisis. Deputies were able to contact the man's family members, as well as arrange for him to be treated at a local hospital for a mental evaluation. He added the incident shows how sometimes initial details about a situation end up being incorrect, which sometimes makes it difficult to know exactly what's happening until deputies arrive to investigate.

"Our dispatchers do an excellent job at getting what information is reported, but they can only convey what information they get at the time of the call," Carter said. "Often times when we respond and get on scene the actual facts and details of that call could vary. That was our situation in this particular incident."

Carter said his department has a policy when firearms are involved in a mental health crisis situation to try to make sure the weapons secured by family members.

"Any time that we run into a situation like that obviously we take precautionary efforts to try to get firearms in a family member's hands, and that happens a lot of times. As far as this particular case I don't have the particulars on that, but can certainly say without any doubt that if that's the case in this particular situation that would have been the protocol that they would've taken." He said.

Published 09:07 AM, Monday Jan. 11, 2021
Updated 05:09 AM, Tuesday Jan. 12, 2021



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