Local Ghost Investigator Hosts TV Show on Amazon
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH, KY - You may get to see a ghost, if you follow a western Kentucky native on his new television show that investigates the paranormal.

Gavin Kelly is the host of The Paranormal Journey Into the Unknown, a program on Amazon Prime that makes an effort to document paranormal activity across the country. Kelly, along with historian and researcher Paula Purcell go out and set up an array of devices in locations that have a reputation for being haunted. They hope to get a glimpse of something that can't be explained, and to let viewers get up close and personal with what they capture.

During an interview on the Greg Dunker Show on News Talk 94.3/95.5, Kelly said his goal is to let viewers experience exactly what he and his team members are exposed to. "We go out to investigate haunted locations, and also to prove that there is life after death. We put them into episodes, and during those episodes our viewers can actually see what we see and hear what we hear." Kelly said.

Although the show shoots at locations across the country, Kelly, Purcell and their crew have uncovered some strange things in the local area as well. They recently encountered some odd happenings at the Lloyd Tilghman House and the Hotel Metropolitan, both in Paducah. "We actually did an investigation at the General Tilghman Museum. The two things we had happen there are we had a shadow break our laser grid, and we also captured his face on the headboard," Kelly said. "The last place we did an investigation was Hotel Metropolitan. We captured a shadow figure that came out of the bathroom. We also had a ball of light drop from the ceiling and go straight down to the ground."

Kelly says he and his team of investigators have a large array of detection devices that capture thousands of photographs and many hours of video that must be carefully pored through after their investigation.

"What we normally do is set up a DVR system. It has eight IR cams, and we just basically place them into the hot spots of the location. Usually we'll have someone watching it and they will radio us," Kelly said. "When it comes to the end of the investigation, we have over 16 cameras that record footage, we have eight cameras on the DVR system that have to be looked at. We also have eight digital recorders that need to be listened to, and of course we'll have over 2000-3000 photos we have to go through."

It's not only strange things caught on video and audio recording equipment that Kelly says he has encountered while investigating the paranormal. He says that he and Purcell have both been physically touched by things they can't explain. "I've been pushed, tripped, and tugged. I was scratched over at Saint Albans Sanitorium in Radford, Virginia. My partner in crime Paula has been pushed and touched. It's just really incredible when you get this type of phenomenon." Kelly said.

An Amazon Prime membership is $99 per year. A free 30 day trial is available.

Published 10:16 PM, Friday Jul. 08, 2016
Updated 11:06 AM, Sunday Jul. 10, 2016

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