Local Woman Wins Publishers Clearing House Prize
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - In October, when someone knocks on your door, they're usually asking for candy or your vote, but one Paducah woman got a fortunate surprise Thursday morning.

Alana Hodge was greeted by Publishers Clearing House, who presented her with balloons, roses, and a 2018 Ford Explorer XLT.

She gasped and her hand immediately flew to cover her open mouth as Dave Sayer of Publishers Clearing House asked her if she recognized him. Hodge has entered the company's online sweepstakes and contests each day for a while, so she knew what was happening. 

"Oh my goodness!" she cried. When Sayer asked her if she could see the new car at the end of her driveway, she turned to her son, Devin, and shouted, "I got a new car!"

Sayer escorted Hodge to the Ford Explorer at the curb, which represented the vehicle she could eventually own. The choice is hers - she must choose between the SUV or an equivalent sum of cash, totaling $49,795.

"I'm just in awe, because I never expected to win! I thank God for this, this is so wonderful!" Hodge said.

Followed by a cameraman to record the presentation, Sayer asked what Hodge would say to the people who think the Publishers Clearing House giveaways never really happen. 

Hodge said, "I can tell you, it does happen, I'm living proof."

At the time, she told West Kentucky Star she wasn't sure which prize she was going to choose, but was leaning toward keeping the vehicle. Hodge said she's been sharing a vehicle with her son, but she also is recovering from a stroke a while back, so she hasn't been getting out as much as before.

You can watch Alana Hodge experience the surprise presentation in the video below:

Published 09:36 PM, Thursday Oct. 04, 2018
Updated 12:25 PM, Wednesday Dec. 19, 2018



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