Lourdes Opens New Orthopaedic Recovery Wing
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - Lourdes hospital opened the first phase of a new multi-million dollar renovation on Friday, with patients moving into 20 orthopaedic suites.

Matthew Rickard of Melber had double-knee replacement surgery on Thursday, and has has knee problems since high school. Doctors told him he had 75-year-old knees, but he's only 39. Before he was admitted, Rickard had no idea about the new room, where he will stay until he's released. He compared it to the room he slept in the night before, immediately after surgery.

"It was a good room, but it's nothing like this. This is very nice - the update, the electronics, the walls - just everything's really nice," Rickard said.

Orthopaedic Doctor Spencer Romine was at an open house and said that patients will be impressed.

"If you've seen any of the old places, you know, some of our guys couldn't get into the bathroom with their walker, so having the ability to move around in here, and having all private rooms - I think that our patients are going to appreciate it more than anything."

He said this is another step Lourdes has made in the most important concept - improving patient care. He had three patients that were moving to the new suites later in the day.

The rooms have very smooth floors and wider doors, in addition to more open spaces for patients to move around as they recover. So they are safer, in addition to having a fresh look.

Romine is no psychologist, but he's had surgeries before, and knows there is more to recovery than the physical procedure.

"The mental part is often-times probably the worst part of it, and to be able to wake up in a room where you're comfortable, your family's comfortable, you're proud of where you are to be in that environment, it's just going to make your mental ability to recover that much easier," Romine said.

The re-design of the rooms began in August, and features walk-in showers, sleeper sofas, and flat-screen TVs. More importantly for the patient is the 24-hour access to emergency orthopaedic care. Steven Grinnell, president and CEO of Lourdes, says cost containment was at the forefront of the design process.

“We believe the renovations strike a perfect balance between offering the patient the highest quality care while also avoiding unnecessary costs.”

Grinnell presented each patient in the new wing a commemorative gift marking this historic day of healing, which doctors believe gives Lourdes patients an ideal environment for recovery.

Published 12:53 PM, Saturday Feb. 09, 2013
Updated 10:07 PM, Sunday Feb. 10, 2013

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