Man Charged With Burglary, Killing Chihuahua
By WestKyStar Staff
WEST PADUCAH, KY - A West Paducah man has been arrested and charged with burglary, as well as allegedly killing the dog of the residence he burglarized.

McCracken County deputies arrested 26-year-old Darin Tisdal Friday for allegedly breaking in a home on Phillip Boulevard Friday morning.

The resident arrived home at 7:30 am and noticed the front door was open and saw large amounts of blood on the floor by the front door.

When deputies arrived and checked the home, more blood was found inside. A pet chihuahua had been placed in a kennel box when the homeowner left the home earlier. There was a significant amount of blood found in the kennel, and the door was open.

Deputies saw a distinctive tennis shoe pattern in the pools of blood. Those tracks were followed about 35 to 40 yards to another home, located on Lauran Lane, inside the same mobile home park. That is where deputies found Tisdal.

Deputies found and seized a pair of Tisdal's Air Jordan tennis shoes that matched the bloody shoe prints, a hunting knife with bloody residue and a bloody jacket. All of the items belonged to Tisdal.

In an outbuilding near his mobile home, a pool of blood and a wet and muddy shovel were found. Tisdal also had what appeared to be recent dog bite marks on his hands.

Tisdal, was arrested and charged with burglary 1st degree, cruelty to animals, and tampering with physical evidence.

An extensive search of the area was conducted but was unable to locate the dog that apparently had been killed.

Published 11:10 PM, Friday Mar. 01, 2013
Updated 02:55 PM, Sunday Mar. 03, 2013

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