Martha's Vineyard in Need of Cash Donations
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - The longtime operator of a local food pantry is asking for donations to help her keep helping those in need.

Martha Bell, who runs Martha's Vineyard in Paducah at 1100 N. 12th Street, has been relying on donations and volunteers for 30 years to help her in her mission to feed folks who are hungry. She says it's been her pleasure all this time to help as many people as she can, but right now she is asking for help from anyone who can spare a little cash. 

Bell said right now she has fresh strawberries, potatoes and bananas available for pickup, and food donations have been coming in at a good rate recently.

What she really needs though is help paying the bills.

"Our food supplies are coming in good, but we don't get any donations to help us cover the light bill, gas bill, water bill. After a while, when this pandemic is over, I'm gonna have to come up with all the light bills. That is my big problem, getting my bills paid." Bell said.

As the pandemic continues to affect the local economy, Bell said she is seeing more families than ever taking advantage of her services. She said this has created some unprecedented challenges.

"We take care of the homebound senior citizens that will never get to the grocery. That's our number one top priority. But we're now having a lot of persons out of work, they've got four and five kids. They have nothing to feed them, so we're helping to supply what they need to carry them over. It's just on and on, every day we're just faced with these problems we've never had before." She said.

Bell said she is happy to accept whatever folks can afford to give, but suggested a monthly cash donation would be most helpful.

"If I could just come up with some persons that would say 'We'll give you 20 dollars a month', and then if I had enough of those and I put them in one pot at the end of the month, I'm gonna have enough for the light bill, gas bill, water bill. That would take a big load off." She said.

Even as she faces financial uncertainty Bell maintains a positive attitude, and says she trusts in a higher power to bring the help she needs to keep feeding hungry people.

"We just thank everybody in Paducah for helping us help someone else," She said. "We're just in kindly a little rut here, but you know God's been good to me, and he'll take care of it."

Visit the Martha's Vineyard Facebook Page at the link below for more information, and to find out how you can help.

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Published 01:22 PM, Friday Sep. 11, 2020
Updated 11:46 AM, Saturday Sep. 12, 2020



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