McConnell Discusses Infrastructure Bill, GA Voting
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - During an appearance at Baptist Health Paducah on Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell discussed the American Rescue Plan Act, Georgia voting laws, and the new infrastructure bill. 

Regarding the rescue plan, which passed along party lines, McConnell said, "I questioned, and all of my members ended up questioning, why we were doing another CARES Act-size package - when we're headed toward completing the pandemic - with all of these other things in it. The next generation has to pay it back."

He then brought up the infrastructure bill currently on Capitol Hill. 

"Now, as you may have noticed, they're planning on yet another massive package, styled 'infrastructure.' But in fact, it's a whopping tax increase on the most productive parts of our society, both companies and individuals, and a whole lot of spending that you and I, I think, would probably agree is unrelated to infrastructure." McConnell said. 

According to the Minority Leader, infrastructure is roads, bridges, and broadband access, but Democrats have, "thrown everything but the kitchen sink," into the bill. 

When asked about comments he made Tuesday about corporate CEOs who criticized the new voting laws in Georgia, McConnell said they have a right to speak, but they need to inform themselves first instead of blindly following partisan rhetoric. 

He said there was, "nothing remotely involved in suppressing the vote by the adjustments the Georgia law made. They got intimidated into adopting an interpretation of that given by Georgia Democrats in order to get their way, and what did it cost them? It looks like it cost them the All-Star Game, and Major League Baseball made the same mistake - they didn't read the bill." 

Critics include President Joe Biden, who called the new law, "Jim Crow" on steroids because of restrictions on voting by mail and giving legislators control over the process. McConnell pointed out that pre-existing voting laws in Biden's home state of Delaware are more restrictive than the new laws in Georgia. 

Published 06:49 PM, Wednesday Apr. 07, 2021
Updated 07:34 PM, Wednesday Apr. 07, 2021



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