McCracken Fiscal Court Discusses Insurance Tax
By Easton Sanders
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - At their meeting Monday afternoon, the McCracken County Fiscal Court discussed the possibility of implementing an insurance tax.

Judge Executive Craig Clymer made the case for the new tax by bringing up the looming pension crisis, wages for county employees being so low, the county having a property tax that is lower than area counties, and the fact that his office had cut down on travel expenses to save money. 

Clymer mentioned that with all of this in mind, it was worth seeing what the surrounding cities and counties were doing.

He said, "I think it's legitimate to look at what comparable counties are doing to generate some revenue. We can't continue to operate in a deficit unless we don't want to do anything." Clymer continued, "At some point we're going to need to be looking at cutting employees."

Clymer went on to say that it would be responsible for the county to seriously consider implementing an 8% insurance tax.

County Commissioner Bill Bartleman says something will have to happen, "Nobody likes to talk about tax increases and nobody likes to increase taxes, but we're going to have to do something to get the county back on track."

Bartleman followed up by saying that he wasn't ready to vote on the proposal at the meeting, however they needed to come up with priorities and explain the need for the new taxes to the public.

According to Deputy Judge Executive Steve Doolittle most larger counties have a form of insurance tax.

The discussion closed with Clymer saying he would draft a proposal for the next fiscal court meeting.

Published 12:10 AM, Tuesday Jan. 14, 2020
Updated 09:57 AM, Tuesday Jan. 14, 2020



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