Paducah Awarded Funding for South 25th Project
By Easton Sanders
PADUCAH - The Paducah City Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting where the City was awarded funding for projects related to South 25th Street.

At their Tuesday meeting, the Paducah City Commission was joined by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Rural and Municipal Aid Commissioner Gray Tomblyn II where the City of Paducah was awarded $650,000 in funding to be used for projects related to South 25th Street.

The South 25th project will involve the area from Jackson and towards Mayfield Road. The funds will go towards restoring and widening the roadway, as well as drainage and sidewalk improvements.

Mayor Brandi Harless spoke about the announcement, saying, “I’m grateful that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is providing this funding to immensely improve South 25th Street. This is a complete street and sidewalk restoration project for a roadway that connects several neighborhoods to Baptist Health Paducah, Paducah Tilghman High School, the Housing Authority of Paducah, and Brooks Stadium. This is one of those rare projects that checks numerous boxes. A revitalized South 25th Street will improve drainage, walkability, connectivity, and safety. It’s an incredible win for Paducah.”

Along with the improvements to South 25th the project will also improve the connectivity for approximately 2,000 citizens and 45 businesses.

While speaking, Tomblyn also awarded McCracken County with an amount of $497,150 for the Fiscal Court Milton Drive project, which will include the reconstruction of the Milton Drive intersection with Starr Hill Road in the Lone Oak area.

Principal Planner Katie Axt was also present to provide an update to the Commissioners regarding the 'City Block' project. Back in April the City entered a 12 month contract with the Louisville based company Weyland Ventures Development in order to plan, design, and develop a 'mixed-use development' at the municipal parking lot downtown located at the center of Second Street, Broadway, North Water Street, and Jefferson Street.

The project would include a 4-story, 120-room hotel along Jefferson Street. Aside from the hotel, the city would continue to provide public parking places in this area, as well as an open area for public gatherings, and various mixed-use buildings.

Related to the City Block project, the Commissioners introduced an ordinance to approve a budget of $72,000 for professional geotechnical analysis and environmental review services for the City Block. In connection to the City Block project, the Commission also authorized a municipal order to provide a payment of over $85,000 to go towards the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority for the required third-party consultant analysis for the Tax Increment Financing applications previously reported.

For additional information on this project, visit the link below.

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Published 09:15 PM, Tuesday Oct. 08, 2019
Updated 06:15 PM, Wednesday Oct. 09, 2019

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