Paducah City Commission Meeting Highlights
By Pam Spencer, City Information Officer
PADUCAH, KY - Proclamation for Mayor’s Art Club
Mayor Gayle Kaler read a proclamation regarding the Mayor’s Art Club.  This is the first year for the program which includes a call for artists to have their artwork displayed in the Mayor’s office and reception area at City Hall.  Mayor Kaler announced that Paul Aho, Rosemarie Steele, and Josh White will assist her in reviewing the art entries.  Aho says, “Anything that promotes the arts is great, and let’s continue to do more.”   After reviewing the entries, eight artists will be selected for 2013.  Each quarter of the calendar year, two of the eight artists will have the opportunity to display their artwork.  All forms of art are acceptable.  Students are encouraged to submit their work for review.  The Mayor’s Art Club is limited to artists who live in McCracken County.  Artists who would like to have their art considered for display should send images of their artwork to by noon on January 31, 2013.  Submissions must include contact information including the artist’s phone number.  The eight artists selected for 2013 will be notified in early February.  A reception will be held at City Hall in February for the public to meet the artists and see the first installment of artwork. 

MOA with State of Kentucky for Geographic Information System Data and Aerial Photography Updates
The Mayor and Commissioners approved an ordinance for a memorandum of agreement with the State of Kentucky for aerial photography and Geographic Information System (GIS) data.  The McCracken and Paducah Geographic Information System (MAP-GIS) consortium was created in 1999 to coordinate computer mapping efforts between the following members:  McCracken County, City of Paducah, Joint Sewer Agency, Paducah Water, Paducah Power, and E-911.  Each year the partners contribute $6000 to the consortium to purchase products that will benefit the entire group.  The State of Kentucky is flying across the state to provide updated high resolution color aerial photographs and base map information in addition to LIDAR.  LIDAR provides a three dimensional view of the ground cover including buildings.  GIS Planner Ben Peterson says the State received a $9 million grant to gather the data.  Peterson says, “We are allowed to ‘buy up’ to get data at a greater resolution.”  The project with the higher resolution data will cost the consortium $178,494.36.   The project will cover more than 300 square miles of McCracken County in addition to a small part of Graves and Marshall Counties as requested by Paducah Water.  MAP-GIS has enough in its account to fund the project.  Furthermore, Paducah Water will fund the portion outside of McCracken County. 

Quick Highlights:
· Boards and Commissions:  
    o Mayor Kaler appointed Jay Page to the Barkley Regional Airport Authority.
    o Bob Wade appointed to the Paducah Planning Commission.
    o Adolphus Jones, Jr. reappointed to the Electric Plant Board.
    o Maurie McGarvey reappointed to the Paducah-McCracken County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board.

· Ordinance approved accepting the award in the amount of $15,058.68 from the Kentucky Division of Waste Management for litter abatement.  No local match is required.

· Municipal order approved for a renewal agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Housing, Building, and Construction Department, HVAC Division for the lease of 137 square feet of office space at 400 South 6th Street.  This is for the lease period of July 1 through December 31, 2012 with a payment of $787.75 to the City.  Beginning January 1 this space is now used by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Probation and Parole in addition to the 6820 square feet of space already used by Probation and Parole.  An ordinance was introduced (vote Feb. 5) to modify the lease agreement with rent payment to reflect the additional square footage.

· Mayor Kaler and the Commissioners who attended last week’s Kentucky League of Cities City Officials Academy reflected on the importance of the organization and the benefits of meeting with other officials to learn about challenges and opportunities facing other cities.  Mayor Kaler is on the KLC board of directors.  Later this month, Commissioner Richard Abraham will attend the KBC-LEO (Kentucky Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials) meeting in London, Kentucky as the organization’s first vice president.  He says the small group discussions are very beneficial.

· City Manager Jeff Pederson says to expect a pre-budget workshop in the near future in addition to an update from the committee reviewing the feasibility of a joint police-fire headquarters facility.

Published 10:11 PM, Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013
Updated 11:09 PM, Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013

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