Parking Concerns Arise Around Old Coke Plant
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Increased traffic following the opening of several businesses in the old Coke Plant in Paducah's Midtown has led to reports of some customers having issues finding parking there.

With parking now at a premium around the property, at least one business in the vicinity has begun having non-customers' vehicles towed.

When West Kentucky Star contacted HB & Company to ask about reports of vehicles being towed from that business's parking lot across the street from the Coke Plant, a company representative told us, "It should make sense to I don't have any further comment on it," 

Robin Newberry with the Paducah Police Department said officers have received several complaints about traffic congestion in the area, and vehicles parked illegally. She said the city is supposed to clearly mark no-parking zones on public streets with yellow painted curbs and signs. Newberry also said business owners in the area are legally allowed to have unauthorized vehicles towed from their private property.

Some people who have had their vehicles towed at their own expense reported to West Kentucky Star the fee to get their vehicle back was averaging $125.

Some businesses and organizations, like Independence Bank and First Baptist Church have implemented "Friendly Neighbor" parking for patrons to walk to the Coke Plant building. There are also street options, by parking along the side of several streets in the surrounding neighborhood where allowed.

One business next to the plant has announced they have teamed up with Passport Inc., an app-based system for paid parking that's normally found in much larger cities. The system allows people to park in a designated lot, and effectively takes the place of street parking meters for a paid fee.  In this case, Argonaut's Fitness across the street from Midtown Market on Broadway has started offering the paid parking. The fee is $5 for a 4 hour time. $15 for a 12 hour time.

West Kentucky Star reached out to The Mellow Mushroom to ask about educating the public on where to park, and vehicles being towed. This was their written response:

"The other businesses are the only ones that can effectively comment on their feelings about use of their lots. We are bringing people to the area. Some businesses will work with us to capitalize on opportunity and others will take a different path. That's their right and prerogative. Plenty of street side parking."

So if you're planning to try out Mellow Mushroom or other establishments inside the Coke Plant this weekend and beyond, you might want to keep in mind the best places to park. If there are signs saying your vehicle will get towed if you park there, it might be best to take those warnings seriously.

Published 10:44 PM, Friday Feb. 17, 2017
Updated 01:46 PM, Sunday Feb. 19, 2017

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