Phone Scammers Pose as IRS During Tax Season
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - The McCracken County Sheriff's Department is warning the public about a phone scam just in time for tax season.

Detective Captain Matt Carter said in a press release that a Paducah woman got a phone message Friday from someone saying they were from the Internal Revenue Service, and that she was owed an additional refund. A phone number was provided so the potential victim could call back and provide bank information for a bank deposit. The message was left by someone with a domestic accent.

When the telephone call was returned to 202-656-6282, a person with a Middle Eastern accent answered the call and began asking questions so they could process the refund. When the intended victim would not provide information the person wanted, they became rude and hung up.

Carter called the number as well, and gave the Sheriff's Department telephone number to the scammer. Without hesitating, the person claimed that a refund of $2,397 was due, and asked him to send $250 by Western Union as a deposit. When Carter asked for more specific details about the transaction, the person hung up.

Carter says this is clearly a scam, and it appears to be operating from another country. He says the scammers are attempting to take advantage of people who are legistimately waiting for a refund, and might assuem the information is true. Carter says nobody should provide personal information to callers who call, and that the IRS never calls taxpayers to request information.

Anyone who suspects they are being scammed should report it to local law enforcement.

Published 03:41 PM, Friday Feb. 01, 2013
Updated 06:09 AM, Monday Feb. 04, 2013

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