Pickleball Courts Coming to Noble Park
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Paducah Parks and Recreation has teamed up with Mattco Striping, LLC to provide permanent markings for two pickleball courts at the Noble Park Tennis Courts.

Noble Park currently has five full-size tennis courts and two junior tennis courts. Pickleball players have historically used the junior tennis courts for the fast-paced sport that is growing in popularity.

Beginning Monday, the nets at the junior courts will be removed. Permanent paint will be added to define the boundaries for pickleball and junior tennis. 

The work is expected to take a couple of days, weather permitting. Once the paint is dry, the nets will be reinstalled, and the courts reopened.

Parks & Recreation Department Director Amie Clark said, “A pickleball court is slightly larger than the existing junior tennis court. Our local pickleball enthusiasts have been using tape to mark the boundaries. This work will provide permanent markings so that junior tennis or pickleball can be played.”

Pickleball fuses elements of tennis, racquetball, badminton, and ping-pong. It can be played indoors or outdoors on a smaller court than a tennis court using a slightly modified tennis net. Players utilize a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.

You can learn more about pickleball at the links below.

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Published 05:07 PM, Saturday Apr. 03, 2021
Updated 07:41 PM, Sunday Apr. 04, 2021



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