Pleased with Results, Snardon Looks to Run Again
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - After failing to unseat incumbent State Representative Randy Bridges, Corbin Snardon spoke with West Kentucky Star about the race and his plans moving forward.

Bridges won re-election in the race for 3rd District state representative with 59 percent of the vote to Snardon's 40 percent. According to Snardon, the results aren't exactly what he was hoping for, but he is pleased with how the race went.

"I'm actually very pleased with the results. To get 40 percent of the vote, I think that's a pretty good showing," Snardon said, "though I would have preferred to win, I'm not too discouraged by the results."

Snardon told West Kentucky Star that he decided to run because of his desire to make an impact and serve the community. 

"I've always been in some form or fashion of community service locally and I felt like this was the next best step," he said.

When asked if he plans to run for office again in the future, Snardon said, "most definitely," although he refused to comment on what office that may be.

Snardon said, "This was a great learning experience. I got a lot of tools for the toolbox. I will definitely be much more prepared when I decide to run again."

One thing that may have had an impact on the results is COVID-19. Out of respect for Paducah residents in light of the pandemic, Snardon said he avoided a "boots on the ground" style of campaigning and instead utilized Zoom and Facebook Live.

"While we would have much rather preferred to have done things in person with boots on the ground, canvassing, and things like that, I wanted to be respectful of people's health and take the pandemic seriously," Snardon said. "Getting those virtual resources together and adapting to the changing world that we're in, doing all of the Zooms and Facebook Lives, those kinds of things were very beneficial."

He continued, "I would say that it was challenging but very adaptable."

Snardon encouraged everyone to get involved.

He said, "Be involved in the political process and not just at election time. Be involved in knowing what your local elected officials are doing, as well as your state officials, and even your federal officials."

Published 09:04 PM, Monday Nov. 16, 2020
Updated 09:16 PM, Monday Nov. 16, 2020



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