Quilt Week Events Announced for 2022
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - After two years in quarantine, the American Quilt Society has announced dates for in-person Quilt Week events in 2022 at four locations. 

Organizers were forced to cancel events last year and this year, but on Monday, AQS announced events in Paducah, Daytona Beach, Branson, and Grand Rapids. 

Paducah's Quilt Week will be held April 27-30 at the Schroeder Expo Center. The Daytona Beach event is set for February 23-26 at the Ocean Center. The Grand Rapids show is August 17-20 at DeVos Place Convention Center. Branson's event is brand new, and will be held March 23-26 at the Branson Convention Center. 

Executive Show Director Bonne Browning said the company has been working for more than a year to maintain their connection with quilters old and new. 

"When the COVID hit and quilters and other people all over the country started making face masks, they bought every low-end sewing machine that was available on this continent. So, our thought was, 'that means there are a lot of people who need to learn how to quilt,'" Browning said. 

She has been filming classes on basic quilting techniques that have connected with a lot of people. They lined up sponsors for the video classes, and some of them have provided prizes to be given away online. 

Browning said, "We had 90,000 view the six lessons that we did for the last class, so we're drawing a lot of people to our website with that, so we're gonna continue that. It's free to the quilt makers." 

She said AQS has been begun working with city officials to set up their protocols for the Paducah event so they can get a festival permit. 

"I think everybody expects those will loosen up by the time we get to 2022, but for us to file for the festival permit, we have to have that put together, and so we are beginning to work on that now," Browning said. 

She said they have a smaller staff than before because AQS was forced to lay off some of their staff last year, so current staff is gearing up for the challenge, and some workers will be coming back. 

"We'll gauge that as we get to areas where we need additional help," Browning said. 

Details on 2022 contests, including rules and registration dates are on their website (see link). 

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AQS Website for future events

Published 04:15 PM, Monday Apr. 05, 2021
Updated 08:01 PM, Monday Apr. 05, 2021



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