Selected Paducah Residents to Receive Surveys Soon
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Some Paducah residents will soon have an opportunity to voice their opinions through a survey the city is sending out in the mail.

The City of Paducah has contracted again to use the National Citizen Survey through the National Research Center, Inc. to gather feedback from citizens about city services, civic participation, characteristics of Paducah, and various community topics.  

The survey will go out in the mail later this month, with a pre-notification postcard to be mailed next week.  Paducah conducted a similar survey in 2013. Over the past few weeks, the NRC and the city have worked to finalize the five-page survey.  

In all, 1400 randomly selected Paducah households will receive the survey. The anonymous multiple-choice survey asks citizens to rate quality of life aspects such as Paducah as a place to live, work, the overall appearance of Paducah and its availability of paths and walking trails. There will be also questions asking residents how often they do certain activities such as visit a park or report a crime.

Officials will share survey results with the public this summer.

City Manager Jeff Pederson says the survey will help leaders gauge progress made since the last survey was done. “We look forward to the second survey because we can compare the new ratings to where we rated when we did the survey three years ago.  The Board of Commissioners and the management team used the last survey to identify targeted areas for improvement.  This next survey will help tell us if we have succeeded in the steps that have been taken to make those improvements.”  

Public Information Officer Pam Spencer said, “I encourage each household that receives the survey to take 15 minutes to complete it.  Comparing the results of this survey to the one from 2013 will allow city leaders to see trend lines.  We are comparing ourselves with communities across the nation, but more importantly, we are looking at community trends to understand how citizens feel about Paducah and the city services.”

Published 04:15 PM, Thursday Apr. 14, 2016
Updated 04:29 PM, Friday Apr. 15, 2016

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