Stalling on Fitness Resolution? You're Not Alone
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - If you haven't yet started on your new year's resolution to get more fit, one local gym says you're probably not alone.

Anisa Cox, Fitness Director at The Gym on North Friendship Road, says that while many people think gym or fitness class memberships surge right after the new year, and they have seen an increase, she's seen a different trend. 

Cox said, "I think as years have gone on, January is a good month, but February is usually even busier. That's when you start seeing your programs picking up even more. If their kids are out of school - which again, this is a whole different year - they're back in that routine."

She said some people are self-conscious about how they look or have the mentality that they need to get into shape before they come to the gym. Cox said she tries to remind people that regardless of their current fitness level, "We're all in this together," and working to improve. 

The new facility opened in October, and they had a big membership surge in spite of the pandemic, which limited the chance for people to check out their building. 

"We haven't been able to have a grand opening because everything is so limited on capacity, so hopefully in the spring time we can do a grand opening and people will be able to come in," Cox said. 

Some folks asked the owners why they opened in the middle of a pandemic, but Cox said plans were already in place well before that happened.

Cox said she knows some people are concerned about catching the virus at a gym, but they installed medical-quality air circulation and filtration systems during construction, and they spray and sanitize profusely. Wipes are constantly available for cleaning equipment before and after use. 

She said everyone is required to wear a mask at all times, and their clients are able to keep their distance while using the equipment. Cox said their older clients have not stayed away during the pandemic. 

Another feature at The Gym is their outdoor trail, which is lighted and fenced for safety. Cox said when it gets warmer, they will be able to bring some of their equipment outside so people can enjoy the outdoors during their workout. 

In addition to access to The Gym, Cox said members can join Barre, which just moved in, or CrossFit 270. Three Rivers Martial Arts also uses the building for its classes. 

Cox said, "We're making it more of a fitness community, not just 'the gym.' We all have different things to offer but our ultimate goal is all the same, to get people healthy and active."

While there are some people who may not keep their resolutions through the year, Cox said they have a wide variety of things to offer so that people don't get bored or burned out from doing the same workouts or activities. She said their staff loves to help, and she's seen experienced members start conversations with new people as a way to encourage them in the journey. 

Published 09:00 AM, Saturday Jan. 09, 2021
Updated 09:14 PM, Saturday Jan. 09, 2021



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