State Rep, Judge on List of Omitted Properties
By Easton Sanders
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - A local judge and a state legislator have shown up on the list of properties that were not properly assessed.

According to PVA Bill Dunn, Kentucky Representative Randy Bridges and McCracken County Circuit Judge Tony Kitchen have both appeared on the list.

Dunn says he has been in contact with Bridges and Kitchen since the news released.

According to Dunn, Kitchen wants to pay his bill as soon as possible, Kitchen also claims that he had previously contacted the PVA office when he built his home originally. Dunn says this is a common complaint he has heard from people he has contacted, however there are no official records that indicate whether the claims are true.

When speaking with Dunn, Bridges claimed he had contacted Nancy Bock about his property several years ago while she was the PVA. Bock allegedly told Bridges that she would assess the property, which didn't happen.

During the last McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting, officials noted that those who know they're not paying taxes and don't come forward, will have a 20% penalty attached onto the back-taxes, however those who do come forward will only have a 10% penalty tacked on.

Currently there are around 25 untaxed properties that have been discovered out of the approximately 3,000 that have been reviewed. Dunn says there are still around 31,000 properties left to assess.

Published 04:20 PM, Wednesday Sep. 11, 2019
Updated 06:28 PM, Monday Sep. 16, 2019

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