Watch Where You Step; Stink Bugs Are Everywhere
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - The nice weather has arrived with the first weeks of fall, but not everything about this time of year is as wonderful as that pumpkin spice latte you've been looking forward to sipping on your back patio in the cool breeze. Stink bugs are back, and a local pest control specialist says they'll probably be paying you a visit soon.

Steve Thompson, owner of All About Bugs Pest Control, says the little brown bugs aren't native to our area. He says they first appeared in the late 1800's after being brought over from China. They come out in force in the early fall looking for a place to hibernate. This presents a mere nuisance to local residents, but something potentially more serious to farmers.

"They come out heavier during the fall, especially when it's corn and soybean harvest time." Thompson said, adding that the insects like to feed on those crops before they hibernate for the winter. 
Thompson said the flying bugs will take advantage of any opening large enough for their flat bodies to fit through, and will make themselves comfortable inside homes during the winter months.

"They're looking for a place to hibernate right now, and they're gonna come into your home to hibernate because it's a nice warm shelter," He said. "During the winter they'll do just like the Asian beetles. They're gonna think it's warm inside your house, and it's summertime. So they're gonna start coming out inside the house."

Although the harmless pests present little more than a gross inconvenience to most, Thompson says the bad news is there aren't many effective ways to eliminate them. There are some things residents can do to help keep their numbers down indoors though.

"Make your house to where they can't get in. They'll get in underneath your siding and try to get in the walls around the windows. If you've got any kind of open area around the doors they'll get in there," Thompson said. "Preventative maintenance is about the biggest thing you can do to get rid of them, other than trying to treat yourself or hiring a pest control company."

Stink bugs may be here to stay, but Thompson says the situation will improve once warmer weather arrives and the odorous insects go back out into the world. Until then you may want to keep those lattes covered.

"They will calm down," Thompson said. "But they're gonna be a nuisance for the whole winter for homeowners."

Published 05:02 PM, Monday Oct. 12, 2020
Updated 04:02 PM, Tuesday Oct. 13, 2020



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