Woman Arrested After Truck Hits Building
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - A woman was arrested Tuesday morning after her pickup truck collided with the front of the Jones Glass building on Kentucky Avenue.

The accident happened around 9 am at 1211 Kentucky Ave., ironically, right next door to Crash Comics. The truck was headed downtown on Kentucky Avenue, when the driver apparently lost consciousness. A Paducah Police officer on the scene said the Nissan pickup crossed oncoming traffic, jumped the curb, and then struck a glancing blow to the brick front of the business, just missing the glass door.

Larry Jones of Jones Glass said the business no longer uses the front of the building, and the back is utilized for storage.

Marvin Neely works at Paducah Tire, just up the street, and they use a parking area beside Jones Glass for customer vehicles. He had just moved a vehicle, and managed to avoid being hit.

"For some odd reason I happened to turn around, and when she came across the curb she didn't appear to be conscious. She came right on through up there, and hit the building - never attempted to slow down or nothing," Neely said.

Neely said he turned around in enough time to get out of the way, and after the truck hit the building, the woman appeared to regain consciousness.

There was damage to the front bumper and driver side fender of the truck, but the building only sustained minor damage to the brick. Jones said he's not worried about the damage. City building inspectors were called to the scene.

"She's having a bad day, there's no need in me adding to it," Jones said.

Paducah Police interviewed 43-year-old Sonya Chastain of Mayfield-Metropolis Road, and she intitially said she did not know what happened. However, Police found two cans of compressed air in the truck, and one of them was cold to the touch, indicating it had been used very recently. Chastain then told officers she had been huffing the compressed air while driving. Officers believed she passed out, and that is why the truck left the road.

Chastain was arrested for driving under the influence.

Published 11:30 AM, Tuesday Apr. 30, 2013
Updated 10:28 PM, Tuesday Apr. 30, 2013