Metropolis Planet Globe Moved After Office Closes
By West Kentucky Star Staff
METROPOLIS - With the recent closure of the Metropolis Planet newspaper office, the globe that was given to the paper has been moved to an appropriate spot.

According to, the globe has been installed in the plaza surrounding the Noel Neill statue. Neill played reporter Lois Lane in the movie serial "Superman vs. Atom Man," and  the 1950's "Adventures of Superman" television series, with George Reeves starring as the Man of Steel.

The globe was given to the Metropolis Planet in 1994 by Superman Museum curator Jim Hambrick and the late Floyd McIntosh, who owned a couple of antique stores in Metropolis. the website says a former mooring buoy (used by large ships) was designed and fashioned into the globe.

Neill's statue was unveiled during the 2010 Superman Celebration. She passed away in 2016.

Publication of the Metropolis Planet is now being done from the offices of the Paducah Sun, which is also owned by Paxton Media Group.

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Published 09:25 PM, Saturday Aug. 08, 2020
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