Student Rapper's Conviction in Threat Case Tossed
EDWARDSVILLE, IL - An Illinois appeals court has thrown out the conviction and five-year prison sentence against a former college student and aspiring rapper who prosecutors say threatened a Virginia Tech-like massacre.
The 5th District Appellate Court ruled Wednesday that prosecutors failed to sufficiently prove Olutosin Oduwole (oh-loo-TOH'-sihn oh-DOO'-wawl-ee) attempted to make a terrorist threat while he attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.
Prosecutors argued that a piece of paper found in Oduwole's abandoned car in 2007 threatened a murderous rampage if he wasn't paid $50,000.
Oduwole was convicted in 2011.
An aspiring rapper, Oduwole insisted the writings were just innocent lyrics and other musings.
The Mount Vernon-based appeals court says no evidence was presented that shows Oduwole actively tried to convey any threat.


Published 08:34 AM, Thursday Mar. 07, 2013
Updated 06:10 PM, Thursday Mar. 07, 2013

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