Benton Man Arrested After Beating On Door
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BENTON - A man was arrested Tuesday after police responded to a call about a suspicious man outside a home on Country Club Drive in Benton.

The Benton Police Department says a female caller reported that a man was beating on her back door, asking to come in and claiming that somebody was after him. An officer arrived at the scene and found the man, 37-year-old Johnny Sullivan of Benton, still at the back door.

Sullivan was reportedly yelling and trying to get the caller to let him inside.

Police say Sullivan had run through the woods before ending up at the caller's back door and was acting paranoid.

Sullivan was arrested and charged with public intoxication (not involving alcohol) and disorderly conduct. Sullivan also had a warrant out of Tennessee for criminal conspiracy to robbery and a warrant out of Graves County for felony probation violation.

Published 06:30 PM, Thursday Jan. 07, 2021
Updated 06:20 PM, Friday Jan. 08, 2021



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