Calvert City Hosts 'Food Truck Friday Evening'
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CALVERT CITY - Calvert City is hosting its second 'Food Truck Friday -  Evening Edition' tonight.

The event will continue each Friday through October 16. Food trucks will set up at Memorial Park from 4 to 7 pm.

“Over the last three years, food trucks have become common in Calvert City. The struggle to find a place in the city was difficult. This event gives food trucks the opportunity to safely park in a high-trafficked area during our hours,” said Blair Travis, director of marketing and business development for Calvert City.

In 2019, Calvert City started Food Truck Friday at lunchtime during the summer months. City officials said Evening Edition was started to give those who can't join them for lunch a chance to participate.

Menus are posted weekly on the Calvert City Facebook page.

There is no charge to set up a food truck or food tent. If electricity is requested, there is a $10 charge. Anyone interested in setting up or selling food for a fundraiser can call (270) 395-7138.

Published 05:06 PM, Thursday Sep. 10, 2020
Updated 02:33 AM, Friday Sep. 11, 2020



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