Calvert City Team Awards Grants to Local Schools
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CALVERT CITY - The Calvert City Community Advisory Team awarded mini-grants to two local schools.

The team which is funded by Calvert City's 11 industrial plants awarded $2,913 in science, technology, engineering, and math mini-grants to North Livingston Elementary and South Marshall Elementary. 

CCCAT approves up to $6,000 in the mini-grants twice a year. Applications for the next round of mini-grants will be emailed out to local schools in Marshall and Livingston counties in the spring.

"These mini-grants allow our local teachers to purchase educational materials that encourage their students to use their minds and hands to design and build small projects. These projects further expand their students’ interests in science, technology, engineering, and math. The Calvert City plants are pleased to provide funds for these projects,” said Tim Whitaker, Environmental Manager for Ashland.

The eleven companies that participate in the team are Arkema; Ashland; Harsco; Carbide Industries; Cymetech Corporation; Estron Chemical; Evonik; Lubrizol Advanced Materials; Sekisui SC; Wacker Chemical; and Westlake Vinyls.

For additional information contact Toni Darnall at 270-395-3344 or by email at

Published 12:30 PM, Saturday Sep. 26, 2020
Updated 03:03 PM, Sunday Sep. 27, 2020



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