Crews Pre-Treat Roads for Winter Weather
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - In anticipation of what is expected to be mostly a dusting of snow for Kentucky's 12 westernmost counties, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews in District 1 will be pre-treating along area highways on Friday.

Drivers should be alert for slow-moving trucks on the road spraying brine on bridges, overpasses, and other potential trouble spots throughout the day.  For many of the counties this will be the first opportunity for accumulating snow this winter.

The brine dries to a fine powder coating of salt that sticks to the road surface and is available to be activated by falling snow in the early hours of a snow and ice event. Pre-treating initially improves driving conditions, then makes it easier for crews to plow snow by keeping frozen precipitation from bonding to the driving surface.

While Friday's sunshine has warmed pavement temperatures, the forecast includes the opportunity for localized heavy snow showers that could cause some accumulation on roadways.

Published 10:40 AM, Friday Jan. 15, 2021
Updated 08:32 AM, Saturday Jan. 16, 2021



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