Girl Charged with Trying to Poison Stepbrother
By The Associated Press
CHRISTIAN COUNTY - Officials say a 12-year-old western Kentucky girl tried to kill her 4-year-old stepbrother because she believed her mother loved the boy more.

News outlets report that a Christian County sheriff's report said the girl was charged with attempted murder Wednesday in Oak Grove. The report said the mother was looking through the girl's Skype messages and saw that she told someone she was going to poison the younger child with a cleaning product.

The report said the younger child was sick recently, so the mother asked her about it. Officials say the girl admitted putting the cleaner in the boy's water and making him drink it to poison him because the mother loved him more. The girl later told police she did it because the boy was annoying her.

The girl was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Published 04:57 AM, Friday Jul. 13, 2018
Updated 05:51 AM, Wednesday Jul. 18, 2018