Graves Schools Consider Closing Lowes Elementary
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - The Graves County Board of Education is considering closing Lowes Elementary School after being told by state officials that proposed renovation costs are more than the state would allow for a school of that size.

 The school district released information Wednesday, saying that their local planning committee had been discussing their district facility plan since spring of this year. They drafted a plan that listed Lowes Elementary as a priority 1 project with $10.8 million in needed renovations, and sent it to the Kentucky Department of Education for comments. 

The response from KDE indicated that the school's enrollment would not allow it to receive that much money. In fact, it would only qualify for $6.05 million. 

The local planning committee has consulted with architects and state officials as they worked to revise their plan. Based on the available student capacity at other elementary schools, Superintendent Matthew Madding recommended changing the status of Lowes Elementary from a permanent facility to a transitional facility, meaning the district's long-term plans would not include using the facility. 

Madding also recommended changing the school organization to move 6th grade students from elementary to middle school, and making the middle school a priority 1 project since additional classrooms would be needed there. 

The announcement said this is still a draft plan, which would require additional comments from the KDE before it could be considered for eventual approval by the school board. 

Madding acknowledged that these are massive changes and could take a considerable amount of time to implement.  

He said, "Although these are difficult decisions, I do believe they provide the best path forward for our district as a whole."

The entire letter can be seen in the attached photos. 

Published 04:36 PM, Wednesday Dec. 02, 2020
Updated 02:58 PM, Thursday Dec. 03, 2020



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