Man Arrested After Mayfield Motel Disturbance
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - An incident at a Mayfield motel on Wednesday led to a man's arrest for the second time is as many days.

The Mayfield Police Department said officers responded to the Wingfield Inn where motel staff said 33-year-old Charles Oxx was cursing at them and causing a disturbance for the second straight day. Oxx had already been arrested Tuesday at the motel on alcohol intoxication charges. Oxx bonded out and returned to the motel on Wednesday.

Staff told police they wanted Oxx removed and trespassed.

Oxx reportedly became argumentative with officers, and said he would leave when he wanted. When it became clear that Oxx would not leave on his own, officers placed Oxx under arrest.

He was booked into the Graves County Jail on a charge of criminal trespassing. 

Published 06:44 PM, Wednesday Feb. 17, 2021
Updated 08:44 PM, Thursday Feb. 18, 2021



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