Marshall to Return to 5 Days of In-Person Learning
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MARSHALL COUNTY - Marshall County Schools will return to 5 days a week in-person learning early next month.

Marshall County has entered the orange category for Covid-19, which allows schools to consider implementing a less aggressive hybrid learning model for students. Thursday night, the MCHS School-Based Decision Making Council decided to return to 5 days a week in-person learning for  orange and blue students beginning on Wednesday, March 10. Virtual Academy students will remain virtual for the remainder of the year.

March 10 was selected to ensure all staff choosing to be vaccinated could receive their second dose before we returned. Staff will receive their second dose March 4-6. March 5 is a virtual learning day for the district due to possible side effects from the second dose.

This date also allows students to return after the administration of ACT testing. All Marshall County High School Juniors will take the exam on March 9 in person, including Virtual Academy students. 

Published 08:22 AM, Friday Feb. 19, 2021
Updated 09:14 PM, Friday Feb. 19, 2021



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