Our Cold Days Are Rewriting the Record Book
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - When they haven't been busy issuing winter storm warnings lately, meteorologists at Paducah's National Weather Service office have been looking into the archives to put this winter's cold spell into historical perspective.

This week's time in the proverbial icebox has actually been 8 straight days where the temperature has not reached 30 degrees. That's a new record stretch for Paducah, which even in the coldest days of winter has an average high temperature of 43 degrees. This breaks Paducah's all-time record of 7 days, set twice during the epic blizzard of 1978.

The new record could actually stretch to 9 days if Friday's forecast high of 28 holds true.

Thursday marked the 5th consecutive day with measurable snow  of 0.1" or greater in Paducah, and tied the record of 5 days set back in March of 1960. This was quite the feat after Paducah had gone 461 days without a 1" snowfall from November 12, 2019 to last Saturday, February 13.

Another milestone of larger scope may also be up for grabs. So far this winter, Paducah has not had a daily high temperature of 60 degrees or more since last December 27. That stretch of 53 straight days without reaching 60 degrees is the 6th-longest in Paducah history.

And when was the longest string of sub-60 degree days in Paducah? It was, once again, that blizzard year of 1978, with an amazing 70 days in a row below 60.

It's noteworthy that the Weather Service forecast for the next 7 days still doesn't see a 60-degree day in our future. Another week added to the current string would make 60 straight days, and vault 2021 to third on the all-time list, ten days short of the all time blizzard-aided record.

However, the chances of approaching the historic mark seem slim. To break the record, the sub-60 streak would have to last until March 7, a full week into meteorological spring. The average high temperature in Paducah on March 7 is 56 degrees.

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Published 09:30 PM, Thursday Feb. 18, 2021
Updated 09:14 PM, Friday Feb. 19, 2021



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