McConnell Warns CEOs: 'Stay Out of Politics'
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says “it’s quite stupid” for corporations to speak out against the Georgia voting law.

The GOP leader intensified his warning to big business on Tuesday to stand down as Congress delves into voting rights, President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package and other defining issues.

Speaking in Kentucky, McConnell said he still wants companies to give freely to political campaigns.

But the colorful language from the typically reserved McConnell shows the dilemma ahead for the party and its fractured relationship with the business community.

Last week Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball voiced opposition to Georgia’s new, more restrictive voting law.

Published 08:51 PM, Tuesday Apr. 06, 2021
Updated 07:21 PM, Tuesday Apr. 06, 2021



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